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Spring Message




As we turn the calendar to a new year, our focus now turns to testing season.  There will be a variety of state and national assessments administered during the spring semester and all grades and classes will participate.  It is important that all students be present and on time for school daily.  The teachers here at Fonwood desire that each student achieves at the highest level.  Working together, we can ensure that our students can accomplish that goal.


Mr. Edward Taylor, Assistant Principal








Homework Plan 2011-2012
Fonwood Elementary School has implemented a homework plan for 2012 - 2013 school year. The purpose of the homework is two-fold: (1) to enrich, extend, and prepare for school experiences through related home activities; and (2) to reinforce learning by providing practice and application. In order for the this homework plan to be successful, all aspects of the school community, including administrators, parents, students, and teachers, must support all components of the plan. More importantly, all students must complete their homework as assigned to the best of their ability by the due date given in order to enhance their knowledge base. For a detail description of the homework plan, click on HOMEWORK PLAN.

Happy 2013!

It’s nice to see you back. Are you ready for the second semester?

Here is an  article that might be helpful to the Fonwood community.

Grades and teacher conferences

Take a look at your child's overall grades during the first half of the year. If you believe your child could have done better, talk directly with teachers to determine any issues that are impacting his or her progress. It's also important to tell the teacher about any issues that may affect your child's academic success. Family tension, financial concerns, health issues or marital problems directly impact a child's ability to concentrate in school. Creating a partnership between school and home is a responsibility that both parents and teachers share.

Standardized test results

In recent years, parents and students have paid the most attention to standardized tests during the spring - when many states and districts administer exams that now determine a student's ability to move on to the next grade. If your child scored poorly in reading or mathematics at the beginning of the year, for example, you might pay particular attention to these areas as he or she prepares for the high stakes tests that will be given in just a few months.


After a long break, January is a good time to ramp up for the coming months by re-establishing important routines, such as setting time aside for homework each afternoon or evening and maintaining a specific area of your house or apartment specifically for homework.

The Work/Life Balance

While sports, clubs and other school-related leisure activities can make the educational experience much more well-rounded and rewarding, they should never become more important than academic progress. It's important to find the right balance between leisure and learning time. Parents and students should prioritize activities that are most important, and create a schedule that strikes the right balance.




Second Semester Fun Facts

There are some facts that all of us should know about the second half of the school year:

•There are 99 school days this semester.

•There is one day holiday in January and seven days in March.

•There are two Inclement Weather days, one in February and another in March.

•May is the testing month!
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